Launching his latest single “When I Saw You” – produced by Grammy Award-winner, Kuk Harrell – Desmond John hits the scene with a catchy, yet wistfully romantic, track that is already making waves on popular playlists around the globe. With his confident stride, piercing green eyes and disarming smile, this 18 year-old has all the makings of a global star.

Born in Germany, he grew up in Frankfurt and Johannesburg, and now lives between Cape Town, the UK and Atlanta, USA. “I live and breathe music. A day isn’t a day if I am not surrounded by music: producing, writing or singing – it’s what makes me who I am.”

Desmond John


It started with a vision. The dream of a 16 year-old with the hunger to succeed. In June 2014, while experimenting with a friend at a Johannesburg studio, his performance was overheard by a visitor from the United States who, impressed by what he’d heard, encouraged Desmond John to come to Atlanta. Here he met producer DJ Toomp, the man who discovered T.I. and produced for the likes of Kanye West, Jay Z and Rick Ross. Since then he has been working with and mentored by industry leaders such as Kendrick Dean, Li’l Ronnie, K Fam and the producer of his first single – 5 time Grammy Award winner, Kuk Harrell.

Desmond John


Desmond John has developed his own compelling sound – part pop, part R&B, with richly layered vocals. His first original single, “When I Saw You”, tells the story of a chance meeting and the romantic chemistry that follows. With his fresh and vocally strong approach, in this song Desmond John intricately interweaves pop and R&B, with a soulful hook that touches heartstrings. Produced by Kuk Harrell, who has been pivotal in Rihanna’s career and has also worked with Justin Bieber and Beyoncé, “When I Saw You” is bound to be a winner.

Desmond John


The number 8 – an integral part of the Desmond John logo – is a numeral that is imbued with relevance in his life. His personality reflects many of the characteristics traditionally associated with ‘8’ in numerology: Balanced. Grounded. Authentic. Realistic. Powerful. Entrepreneurial. With its strong resemblance to the Infinity sign the logo visually reflects the endlessly universal appeal of music.

Desmond John


With the release of his debut international single, Desmond John has stepped bravely into the spotlight, placing his hopes and dreams at the feet of his audience. As a global millennial whose worldview embraces all cultures and creeds, his music has appeal that goes beyond age groups or geographic boundaries. The vocalist, musician and dancer summarises his calling with this simple truth: “I was born to perform“.

The journey so far has been tough yet riveting, but it’s only just begun. “Learn together, grow together and achieve the unimaginable together.”

Desmond John

Desmond John